iNaVB Folder Protector

iNaVB Folder ProtectoriNaVB Folder Protection software is used to protect folders on Computers based Windows. iNaVB Folder Protection provides limited protection in early protection that folder on the Windows operating system can not be opened easily.

The purpose of this software is made to protect the data that may be too sensitive to be opened or in the access of others, especially children. These documents such important work documents, confidential documents, document films unsuitable for children, and so forth.

iNaVB Folder Protection can provide protection is not very deep. But the purpose of this software is made only to provide early protection. In addition you can use other means to protect your important folders and documents, this is probably the way as an alternative that you can do to better secure your data.

Suggested use software iNaVB Folder Protection is to protect documents or data that is large enough, more than 4 GB in 1 folder. But if you want to use it for small data is also not a problem. This software is suitable for parents who have children and want to keep their children safe from files that are not good for your children access.

How to use iNaVB folder protection software is very easy. Once installed you just need to run the application or log into the application. When you first run the application, then you don’t need to enter a password, just press “Enter” or the “Enter” key to enter. Since the initial setting does not use a password.

Password will be direct application you change, so not everyone can access this application in your computer. Why is this done? This was done because the application there is a button to “Lock” and “Unlock” your folder. So if everyone can access the application iNaVB Folder Protector on your computer then others will be very easy to remove the protection that you have made using iNaVB Folder Protection.

The following will explain briefly a few things and tips that need to be done when you use the application iNaVB Folder Protection.

1. You must replace the original default password or no password at this application , the way is to go into the application and then right click >> Set Password.

2. Use for documents with large file sizes for example more than 4 GB, because it will be more secure and profitable.

3. In addition to using the iNaVB Folder Protection you can also coat the protection of your important data in other ways in order to become stronger protection. For example, by hiding your folder in a safe place and so forth.

Such is little explanation of iNaVB Folder Protection. This software is not perfect, but it can help you to more easily in securing your important data from the reach of children and others. As well as additional protection after you secure the data in your own way.

If you are unclear about iNaVB Folder Protection, such as how to use it? What are the benefits? And there are other questions, then you can ask questions via the contact from the official website of Visual Basic Coders: You can also give suggestions, criticisms, or assistance that the program will work better time when that will come.

You can download this product here:

For Windows 7
iNaVB Server

For Windows 8+
iNaVB Server

For Windows 7 and 8+
iNaVB Server | Dropbox | Userscloud | Softpedia | Cnet | Softonic

Changelog iNaVB Folder Protector Version:

iNaVB Folder Protector 1.01 Version

-Protect computer folders
-Easy to use

iNaVB Folder Protector 1.02 Version

-Fixed known bug
-Adding hide and unhide folder feature
-Prevent to lock file system for security
-Prevent to lock desktop also for security
-Support windows 7 and 8+ on separated file setup
-Faster program
-New skin and interface