iNaVB Mp3 Player

iNaVB Mp3 Player is devoted only to play the songs, especially the extension is .mp3 and .wav audio, there are still many shortcomings in this application program. Therefore, support and help to make this program better application is needed. Especially for Visual Basic .Net Programmers in Indonesia.

To install iNaVB Mp3 Player is required minimum of system is:

1. Support Windows (Minimum OS Windows 7).
2. Atleast .NET Framework 4.5 must be installed.
3. Windows 7 and above not need to Install .Net Framework 4.5.

To get the music player application program iNaVB Mp3 Player you can download through the following links.

iNaVB Server | Dropbox | SoftPedia | CNet

Change Log iNaVB Mp3 Player Version:

iNaVB Mp3 Player 1.0 Version

-Select One Per One Files Music
-More Skin

iNaVB Mp3 Player 1.02 Version

-Multi Select Files
-Add Folder to Playlist
-Multi Select Drag and Drop
-Fixed Bug Path
-Minimalis Desain
-Very Small Size

iNaVB Mp3 Player 1.03 Version

-New Design
-Setting Balance Output Speaker
-More Audio Files Extension Support
-Can Run on Tray Icon
-Fixed Known Bug
-Much More